Clinical Research

Clinical Research is an organized research on human beings intended to provide adequate information on the drug use as a therapeutic agent on its safety and efficacy.Clinical Research is the application of the scientific method to human

Industry Scope:-Clinical research is expected to reach side of USD 3.15 billion by 2025. Asia is becoming fastest global hub. Industry demands more than 1, 00,000 trained professional in the coming years in various domains of Clinical Research

-Clinical Trial Designation:
-Clinical Research Coordinator/Assistant
-Clinical Research Associate
-Investigator-Sub-investigator, Co-investigator
-Data analyst– Data Manager
-Project Manager
-Medical Writer
-Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Medical Coding

Medical Coding
Medical coders help to complete, review, and process medical claims. In the process codes are assigned to medical procedures and diagnoses in a universally accepted medical language.
Medical coding is essential to the healthcare industry as it creates and maintains a single, unified language by which all (physicians, medical administrators, insurance companies, government healthcare officials) integrated parties are able to effectively communicate.
Industry Scope:
Medical Coding
Works in every type of health care facility, Hospitals, Insurance companies, Medical coding (IT) Companies and health care systems.
Medical Coding Designation:
Medical Coding provides a rich career path with opportunities to demonstrate your professional capabilities in an individual contributor role or in a leadership role.
-Jr. Medical Coder
-Sr. Medical Coder
-Quality Analyst (QA/QC)
-Team Lead
-Dy. Manager
-Sr. Manager


Pharmacovigilance begins at the clinical stage and continues throughout the life cycle of the drug, mainly divided as Pharmacovigilance

The process of collection of such information about a drug begins in phase I of the clinical trial, before approval of the drug, and continues even after approval; several 
post-market safety
Pharmacovigilance, also known as drug safety, plays a vitally important role in assessing the risk/benefit of pharmaceutical products and ensuring that they are safe for use in patients.
Industry Scope:- 
Good options in Pharmaceutical Companies (MNCs and Indian), Biotech companies, Clinical Research Organizations like Quintiles and Accenture. Regulatory Agencies like DCG (I) & CDSCO. Pharmacovigilance units in Medical colleges and hospitals.
-Trainee Safety Data Analyst
-Junior Safety Data Analyst
-Senior Data Analyst
-Project Coordinator
-Team Lead/Subject Matter Expert
-Assistant Manager
-Project Manager