Medical Coding

Overview of Medical Coding

Medical coding is the transformation of healthcare diagnosis, procedures, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. the diagnoses and procedure codes are taken from medical record documentation, such as transcription of physician's notes, laboratory and radiologic results, etc. medical coding professionals help to  ensure the codes are applied correctly during the medical billing process, which includes abstracting the information from documentation, assigning the appropriate codes and creating a claim to be paid by insurance carriers.

Career Scope

Certified Program

Certified Professional Coder

Non-Certified Program

Basic Medical Coding

Non-certified & certified both are eligible for job 

Course Offered

Being Certified or Non-certified both are eligible to work in Medical Coding. Medical Coders are hired by IT companies and Insurance Companies.


Clinical Research Major branches covered with Medical Coding CPC training which gives students opportunity to work in both the industries. Also include 2 International Certifications, which do value addition to students resume for career development.

Subjects include:

  1. Clinical Operation ( Clinical Research)
  2. Pharmacovigilance
  3. Medical Writing
  4. English – Cambridge Course
  5. Certified Professional Coder (CPC)Plus (+)  2 International Certifications

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CPC complete syllabus covered with regular tests.  Our focus is on satisfactory result in Mock tests and then only ask student to apply for CPC exam. Provide authentic study material. 100 % placement support till job for Certified and Noncertified.

Subjects include:

  1. Certified Professional Coder (CPC)
    1. ICD
    2. CPT
    3. HCPCS
  2. Non-Certified Coder Training

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Customize Courses

Students can customize course as per course category, subject, modules & duration wise.

Jobs at IT, Insurance Companies & Major Hospital

Benefits of CPC certification

A CPC coder is someone who works in the health care industry and has earned a certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). The CPC certification is one of the most widely recognized and respected coding credentials available because it indicates someone can perform coding services that meet professional standards and best practices.

CPCs can help a practice improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs by identifying opportunities for improved documentation, compliance and reimbursement. They also use diagnostic codes to submit bills to insurance companies for services a doctor has provided to a patient. Also, CPC Certified gets higher salary package then non-certified coders. Medical Coding have good starting and Rapid growing career globally.available because it indicates someone can perform coding services that meet professional standards and best practices.

Spruce Advantage

  • AAPC Authorized education partner in India.

  • AAPC authenticate updated study materials.

  • Special Discount in CPC Exam fees.

  • Queries Session & Mock tests available.

  • Online and offline classes are available daily and on weekends, with options for repeat classes.

  • 100% Pan India Placement Support.

  • Support Available After Completion of Course also.

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